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5 Reasons organizations are migrating Oracle applications to AWS

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Increase efficiency, drive innovation, and deliver new customer experiences

The many challenges of on-premises Oracle ERP applications are becoming increasingly apparent, including lengthy upgrades, high support cost, intrusive integrations, risky customizations, transactional vs. reporting-ready data, and single vendor lock-ins. ​

Today, most organizations want to reduce overhead, drive innovation, and become more agile by leveraging the benefits of the cloud.​

This eBook explores the five reasons most enterprises have chosen to migrate their Oracle applications to AWS and uncovers the tangible benefits they are already realizing.

Read this to learn:

  • The most common challenges of on-premises Oracle ERP applications​
  • The top drivers leading organizations to migrate their Oracle applications to the cloud​
  • How to extend the value of your Oracle ERP solutions with AI/ML and drive new efficiencies
  • Why most organizations are choosing to run Oracle application on AWS

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